Application Security

Application security encompasses measures taken throughout the code's life-cycle to prevent gaps in the security policy of an application or the underlying system....





Application Security

Developing secure software is no longer desirable, but absolutely essential. With SaaS and web-based applications on the rise, assessing and ensuring security of the data has become a major concern for companies ranging from early stage online ventures to large enterprises. Despite the common misconception main security threats arise not from networking layers and operating systems, but from applications themselves.

With proven expertise in secure software development and software security assurance GreaterHeight helps clients to create state-of-the-art secure applications, assess and significantly increase security level of the existing software and applications.

GreaterHeight software development teams have vast experience in vulnerability testing and assessment, sophisticated cryptography and encryption algorithms. Additionally, we have partnership with industry leaders in encryption, tokenization and key-management for PCI-DSS compliance and a web-application architecture for secure cloud computing. This partnership allows GreaterHeight build compliant and secure architecture models for our SaaS clients and Web-applications.

However, one of our core competencies is flexibility. GreaterHeight Software development teams are praised by our clients for seamless augmentation and ability to work with a variety of partners. So, if the client chooses to bring another partner on board to provide encryption services, GreaterHeight teams will eagerly work with the preferred technology or methodology.