Fully Automated Certificate Ordering Solution

Built for Schools, Examination and Professional bodies.




CertificatePlus® is a fully automated online certificate ordering service that is tailored to fit each institution’s unique policies and procedures including service options, fees and school colors and logo. CertificatePlus offers a secured, compliant and easy to use certificate ordering solution at little or no cost to you.

CertificatePlus from GreaterHeight is a robust collection of features and services are available for you to mix and match to fit your exact situation. We can customize or automate as much as you desire, the features are designed to make Certificate Request the easiest part of your day.


Some Features


Branded Printed

Branded Printed

CertificatePlus can be configured to print and mail certificate on your paper certificate. Your brand, your signatures & watermarks. Not your problem.

Institutionally Branded

Institutionally Branded

Customize your ordering portal to match your institutional brand, images, and messaging. CertificatePlus is doing the heavy lifting, but students will feel like they’re on your site.


Any Destination Worldwide

Send Certificate electronically, or as paper, to any destination in the world, any time.

End to End Tracking

End to End Tracking

Never wonder where the Certificate is again. Full online tracking shows students, parents, and administrators the status at every step of the way.


 Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytic

Reporting on the number and destinations of your requests provide valuable insight your colleagues or institutions. Understand where your students are coming from.

Certified PDF


Patented technology ensures that the PDF you send is the PDF that is delivered. Blue Ribbon certification ensures there was no tampering.



If you want to charge for Certificate request, the eCommerce settings provide flexibility to various price points for students or alumni, making everyone happy.



User and Role Management Module, Advanced account locking, Firewall



Secure Certificate Solution

Engage Certificate Management
Solution that Works for you


  • Place Your Order

         Applicant or member fills an online form to request certificate.

  • School prepares the Certificate

         Institutions, employers, & licensing boards can more efficiently and securely process certificate.

  • Certificate Delivered

         Certificate is sent electronically or by mail. You can track the status of your order.

  • A completely secure platform
  • Elimination of data input by your staff
  • Fully comprehensive authentication options
  • Online fee collection & Payment Integration
  • Enhances communications - email and text messaging
  • Improves productivity through automation
  • Reduces errors
  • More Time to focus on Strategic Tasks
  • Detailed Audit trail transactions


Free up your staff from monotonous data entry and streamline your certificate ordering process.

It's a comprehensive and proven online services with multiple benefits to your institution.