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Corporate Identity Design

Your corporate identity is the identity by which your business, its ethics, way of working and brand are known. It is a combination of fonts, colours, shapes, figures and other aspects that come together to create one design. This design may have many versions as it is used on various communication media including letterheads, business cards, newsletters and so on. In fact, corporate identity design involves logo design, brochure design, stationery design and even design of your packaging. Some of these designs may use only the logo, others may use text combined with the logo and a third may use only text, but they all share the same aspects that make up the main design. This is what creates a strong sense of association with your brand.

Consistent and Memorable Corporate Identity Designs by GreaterHeight

GreaterHeight works on creating corporate identity designs with one goal in mind – consistency in branding that leads to higher brand recall. Your corporate identity needs to reflect what your business is, what it does and how it does it; and it needs to do so in a consistent manner so that your branding efforts lead to the recollection of the same name. By understanding the importance of consistency, GreaterHeight creates a corporate identity design that includes a logo, text for written communication that covers the name, address and any further information needed and the name that can be used with or without other information.

We create the various aspects of your corporate identity that can be used collectively or individually while maintaining the same individual aspects, leading to easy and quick brand recollection. We bring the authenticity of your business values to our design by working with you. Our team of designers begins the design process by understanding you and your brand. We work with you and your vision to create a design that represents your brand perfectly. We combines colours, fonts, styles, shapes and more to create an entire visual entity for you. The aspects used to create your corporate identity are selected carefully, picked for their accurate representation of each emotion that creates your brand.

Following this, we further fine tune each aspect to become one with brings about easy brand recollection. This also involves ensuring that every aspect is accepted in a positive light across all your international markets. With a clear understanding of your brand and your customers’ expectations, we create a corporate identity that includes your logo and goes beyond, to be carried into every medium of communication that you use to contact your potential and existing customers. This includes:

  • All your stationery including letterheads and envelopes
  • Your online presence including your website, blog, articles and any appearances on other sites.
  • Your electronic communication media including email headers and formats
  • All your advertising including banners, promotions, offers and others that appear physically or over the internet
  • All your in-house communication media such as memos

By maintaining a consistent combination of all the required aspects, we create a corporate identity design that emphasizes the emotions of your brand. This results in easy recollection as all your branding efforts evoke the same emotions for which your brand is known. As a graphic design agency, GreaterHeight is dedicated to create a corporate identity design, including logo design and design of all the aspects that go into every medium of branding, that is always consistent. This consistency results in turning your brand into one that is easily remembered and recalled.