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Developer & Development Support Services

Development support service provides developer-to-developer support to answer source code level questions, to assist customers troubleshoot configuration and integration challenges, and to provide architectural guidance. The position offers an opportunity to work with many different technologies and architectures, to have a direct impact on customer success, and to collaborate of other developers.

With the help of GreaterHeight Services Support for Developers, you can accelerate and streamline your software development cycle. By working side by side with our enterprise architect we will help your people enhance their skills, develop with Microsoft standards and recommended practices in mind, and create more successful and effective applications.

Business Values

Gain direct access to the GreaterHeight developer expertise, resources and support that can help you:

  • Build better applications faster.
  •  Developer Skills updated on the job.
  • Lower support costs for internal business applications.
  • Boost software system security, availability, and reliability.
  • Increase flexibility in software development operations.

Our Propositions & Offerings

One of the things about this services is that it provides your engineers architectural and integration guidance and best practices;

  • Application development services.
  • Expert Mentoring.
  • Workshops, training, and labs.
  • Developing code samples and solutions to illustrate the use of APIs and integration strategies.
  • Developer-to-Developer interaction via telephone, virtual meeting technology, and electronically;

Why GreaterHeight?

  • We have power to leverage to extend yours.
  • We have access to industry experts.
  • We understand how to maximize the business value from technologies
  • We excel at addressing complex, business challenges and providing
  • We know how to accelerate business outcomes and value for money.