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IT Management & Support

Every intelligent business leader knows that as business evolves, so do your systems and infrastructure. It is therefore important to set-up a preventive and or quick support elements to enhance functioning of your business by providing a robust IT support and management system to prevent disaster. We provide IT management and support services to small-to-big-sized companies and agencies and help you evaluate your IT health and provide the training or tools your teams need to “get healthy and stay healthy.” Our support services' IT-focused approach helps you identify and address potential issues and risks up-front to make sure that your IT systems are healthy and stay that way with Proactive Services.

There is an array of aspects to be managed in an organization - data, confidential information, infrastructure, records, litigation support, cataloging, and research services. There is much more when it comes to IT management and support.
By connecting you with the right subject matter engineers whose job it is to understand your business challenges and can solve your issues right away. We provide you with unparalleled expertise, accelerated support, and strategic advice tailored to your unique IT environment.

Business Values

IT Support services can help you minimize risk and downtime and reduce support costs through prevention.

  • Protection from malware, virus etc.
  • Ensured data protection.
  • Ensured business continuity.
  • Smooth business functioning.
  • Enhanced agility and performance.
  • Strong IT infrastructure.
  • Protection from external threats such as power loss.

Our Propositions & Offerings

  • On Premise and Cloud Support.
  • Support for Office 365.
  • Proactive Services
  • Compelling experiences business solutions.
  • Mission Critical Support.
  • Developers Support.
  • End use support.
  • Training and knowledge Transfer.

Why GreaterHeight?

  • We have power to leverage to extend yours.
  • We have access to industry experts.
  • We understand how to maximize the business value from technologies
  • We excel at addressing complex, business challenges and providing
  • We know how to accelerate business outcomes and value for money.


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