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Private Training

GreaterHeight's highly valued training, provided by the top technologists and communicators in their field, is surprisingly affordable for as few as two or three students. In fact, it is just about the same price to send three students to our public classes as it is to have a Mentor come to you and train those three students at your facility.

Private training also eliminates the vulnerability that many companies face when their dev/ops team travel to public training. With the students "close by", they are accessible should an unforeseen event require their attention. When you weigh the time, money, and value allocated to a training experience that is focused on your team, your specific learning needs, and within your timeframe, you'll realize that private classes can maximize your investment. Our Mentors go beyond just explaining the technical concepts, they also focus on the practical application of the principles. Students benefit from a relevant learning experience and a well-rounded presentation.

Any of our courses can be modified for a private training approach that not only gives your team a deep-dive educational experience, but also allows the Mentor to teach courses based on your company's specific needs and interests.


Technical IT Training

We can help develop the skills of any Individual or IT team through the most effective IT skills training and certification programmes available anywhere.




Business Application Training

We help the world's largest organisations boost productivity through optimal use of desktop IT. Our services cover all applications from Adobe to Google and Microsoft.



Business Skills Training

The value of any business depends on the quality of its people and their relationships with their clients. We have the following categories in our Business Skills training:




Leadership and Management

Learn how to transform levels of trust, engagement and commitment in your people through our leadership and management learning solutions, which improve both individual and organisational performance. We offer courses to support all key career transitions whether:


Transforming performance
through learning.

Our onsite classes are delivered for private groups at your offices or a location of your choice. We also offer private classes offsite for disperse groups. Generally, an organization will need to have at least three or four students in a class for it to be cost effective to bring a GreaterHeight trainer onsite.

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As the Nigeria’s most experienced provider of Technical IT training we have a large team of experts, covering all major vendors and areas of IT technology.

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